Vico Marine Support Pole + Boat Vent 3 + Pole Base

Vico Marine Support Pole + Boat Vent 3 + Pole Base

  • Vent and support your boat cover – up to 170lbs of pressure
  • Quick and easy installiation
  • Prevents mold and mildew build-up in your boat
  • Cam lock mechanism for easy adjustability
  • Poles made from premium anodized aluminum

Our telescoping cam lock support poles have been tested to hold up to 170 lbs. That’s over twice the weight of standard thumbscrew mooring poles. They have a die cast collar and stainless steel components. The aluminum tubing is anodized, heat treated, and has a ribbed profile for increased strength and lightweight. We use fully synthetic TPR rubber Grey bottom crutch tips that will not scuff or mar your boats flooring. Boat Vent 3 is an improvement on Boat Vent II, which made its name in the ma
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